The Issues: Balanced Development

Balanced Development

Development is an engine for our economic prosperity. It is essential to ensure that growth comes with respect for Doylestown’s rich history, our quality of life, and our environment.

  • Development for Economic Growth
    Our Mayor is first and foremost an ambassador for the Borough – a top priority for Judith will be to attract investment, new businesses, and more economic opportunity for all residents and merchants.
  • Development for People
    The Borough is densely built and has few undeveloped tracts, so Judith will work with developers to ensure land development projects are balanced against the need for green spaces, sound water conservation, a walkable community, and traffic and parking management. 
  • Development with Sustainability
    Our Borough should be a leader on delivering both economic and environmental sustainability. 
  • Development with Consensus
    As Mayor, Judith will use her years of experience in finding common cause across different groups to achieve results. Ensuring that development is in the interest of our families, neighborhoods, and businesses will keep our Borough thriving.