The Issues: A Greener Doylestown

A Greener Doylestown

Judith is proud of our Borough’s commitment to making Doylestown an environmentally-friendly community. She is ready to build on that commitment to decrease Doylestown’s carbon footprint and chart a course for climate resilience. Her agenda is focused on specific, tangible actions that the Borough has the power to enact. 

  • Climate  2038: The Climate at Our Bicentennial 
    Climate change is real and it will impact our community. We need a plan to reduce emissions, conserve resources, and invest in mitigation strategies to ensure the Borough is a vibrant and sustainable community in 2038, our bicentennial year. Towns across the United States are developing climate change plans to detail how their communities plan to adapt to climate change. Judith will work with Borough Council and staff to develop a plan for how Doylestown will retain its economic competitiveness, quality of life, and green spaces into the future.
  • Tree Revitalization: Restoring the Canopy 
    Trees are the lifeblood of our community. They beautify our town, provide shade, reduce energy cost, and help with erosion control. Judith will lead a campaign to create a Borough-wide Tree Planting Initiative as a public-private partnership to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the shade and beauty that a healthy canopy provides. She will ensure that our current trees are protected and explore novel initiatives such as community de-vining efforts and “Dedicate a Tree.” 
  • Rainwater Reclamation
    Judith is inspired by the success of Philadelphia’s “Raincheck” program that provides residents with rain barrels and downspout planters and  will work to start a similar “Borough Bucket” program in Doylestown. She will also work to promote broader adoption of rain gardens throughout the Borough.
  • Streamline Waste Collection
    Judith recognizes that our current patchwork of trash haulers decreases our quality of life by clogging our streets with noisy, polluting trucks and our sidewalks with bins more often than is necessary. That is why Judith teamed up with her neighbors to coordinate waste collection on her block  by a single company, and will encourage the Borough to pursue a simplified collection system.